10 Random Facts about Berlin

1.Berlin is one of the safest cities in Europe.

2. David Bowie spent some time living in Berlin, there was a David Bowie exhibition taking place during our time there.

3. If you cross glasses and fail to make eye contact while clinking glasses to ‘Cheers’ you will incur seven years bad SEX!

4. Peach Schnapps is consumed after a heavy meal to aid digestion.

5. You can use your travel ticket on ALL modes of transport, regardless of where you purchased it.

6. The subway (S-Bahn) operates for 24 hours on a Saturday, and your travel ticket will also be valid for 24 hours.

7. The underground isn’t really underground at all.

8. Germans adapt their menus to the seasons, with May being Asparagus season many of the ‘specials’ were Asparagus dishes, however visit again in June and you’ll struggle to find such dishes.

9. Their Asparagus is white, and can actually be found in Waitrose in the UK during May.

10. In the borders of Berlin you can cross a bridge and find yourself in Poland

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