5 Reasons to Visit St Nicholas Market This Weekend

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1.Marinated Lamb Kofta Wrap at Matina

Now I can only speak for the marinated lamb kofta wrap because it’s what I order every time, so if you’ve been a brave little soul then leave a comment about your favourite Matina takeaway.

So about these wraps… added with tzatiki, halloumi and salad this is just the perfect lunchtime treat or just any other reason you can find to treat yourself.

I’m actually not going to describe this to you, in the hope you’ll go and try it for yourselves, and that mountain of salad should be enough to get your attention.

Matina, Middle Eastern, St Nicholas Market

Matina, St Nicholas Market

2. Japanese Gyoza at Eatchu

Already known to the foodies among us as a popular Japanese street food, gyoza to the rest of us paupers are essentially Japanese dumplings – and they are delicious! Served every lunchtime from Monday to Saturday at St Nicks Market in Bristol, it’s hard not to whisper ‘I’m going to eatchu’ to these little bundles of deliciousness before you scoff them whole.

You won’t find Eatchu propped up in a temporary kitchen with the rest of them, but instead an actual store front tucked down a side street within the market. Launched in April 2016, Eatchu is already winning over Fan Girls serving up a variety of flavours including pork & garlic chive and spinach & tofu.

But you’ll have to get your skates on, they only trade until 11:30 to 15:00 Monday to Friday and 12:00 – 16:00 Saturday.

Eatchu, Japanese, Gyoza, St Nicholas Market, Bristol

Japanese Gyoza at Eatchu, St Nicholas Market

2. Every Damn Cake at Ahh Toots

Baked to perfection by the hella talented Tamispan, the hardest decision you’ll ever make is which one to buy from the cart. Just look at the croissant cake! I recommend looking at her Gallery or following her on Instagram because botanical cakes never looked so good.

Ah Toots, St Nicholas Market, Bristol

Ah Toots, St Nicholas Market

3. Chimney Cakes at  Smok’n Chimney

Ok so a little confession, I haven’t actually been to Smok’n Chimney but I have tasted a ’Kürtőskalács’ in Budapest and that’s basically the same. Unfortunately on the weekend I visited St Nicks, Smok’n Chimney were exhibiting elsewhere due to the Harbourside, and as they only trade on a Friday I’m still waiting patiently to get my hands on one!

Smok'n Chimney, Bristol, St Nicholas Market

Image by Smok’n Chimney

5. Liquid Nitrogen Icecream at Brozen 

If you’ve already made it to Ah Toots and Matina, then you’ll have likely spotted the steam rising from Brozen. Starting with the resemblance of a fruit smoothie, the liquid mixture is poured into a bowl and blasted with liquid nitrogen until it becomes ice cream! It’s pretty neat, and you can watch the process behind a perspex screen. The fruit flavours are delectable but the chocolate orange was a little rich for my delicate taste buds!

Brozen, Liquid Nitrogen Icecream, St Nicholas Market, Bristol

Liquid Nitrogen Icecream at Brozen

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