How I Talked My Way Out of a Fine

Validate all public transport tickets before you board!

I repeat, validate your public transport tickets before you board!

So there we were being empowered independent women, riding the subway to the northern end  (I think)of Budapest for a final skirt around Margaret Island, with our tickets in hand ready for the day ahead. Oh here come the ticket inspectors, tickets at the ready…

“You have not validated ticket, you must pay fine”

Sorry, what?

I don’t actually know what part of me thought this was a good idea, but my natural approach was to play dumb, claim bankruptcy (which was half true) and begin to cry.

I continued this charade even after we had departed the subway, pleading our case to said subway inspectors, as they threatened to call the police!

My stubbornness reached no bounds as I called their bluff and allowed them to call the police.

Fortunately, they clearly took pity on us because after about ten minutes they settled with getting the stupid English girls to buy them a cup of coffee.

After walking up and down the closest streets and finding no coffee shops, they cut their losses and set us free. (Thank goodness!)

So while my baby face, stubbornness and water works evaded us having to pay 16,000 HUF, which in hindsight only equated to about £5 (but that’s not the point), I don’t think future me will think twice about ticket validation because it was really nothing short of terrifying.

Have you had a travel faux pas? Let me know in the comments.

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