How to Beat Bank Charges Abroad

I think its about time I reviewed Revolut – the revolutionary way to instantly send and spend money globally. This isn’t a sponsored post, but rather a complimentary shout out to an initiative that has transformed the way I spend my money abroad.

Previously, I would carry part-cash and the rest on my bank card and of course this would incur additional bank charges of around £3 per transaction. I also wasn’t prepared to pay for a bank account, such as those from Nationwide, that provide these extras.

Access the best exchange rates

When you spend or use an ATM the card automatically converts your money into local currencies at the best available rates.
Avoid unnecessary banking fees – Exchange, Send or Spend money without the need for a bank for free!

Security and assurance

You can block a card if it has been stolen, and request a replacement anywhere in the world. You can also access or change your pin via the app if its been forgotten.

Instant transfer

The bank of Mum & Dad is never far away – you can instantly transfer money in app or via SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Social Media.

Instant notifications

As long as you have Wifi, you will receive an instant notification once you’ve made the transaction telling you how much you spent in £ or your preferred currency.

Take it anywhere

You can make purchases anywhere in the world, in over 120 currencies.

Accepted everywhere

Card transactions are processed by MasterCard and is contactless

It takes seconds to set up via the app and you’ll receive your card through the post. Even if you just use this on your summer holiday once a year, its worth it.


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