The Gold Bar

Have you ever walked down a street you’ve walked down a million times and failed to notice that new bar that just opened? I did! Having only been opened two months, I walked past The Gold Bar at Bristol Harbour Hotel completely unaware that this extravagant new hotel existed on one of the busiest streets in Bristol – and it houses a spa!

Home to Walkabout, The Cosy Club and other popular establishments, Corn Street is popular for mid-week drinks and weekend parties alike, so some may argue its a little out of place with its extravagance, but as a potential wedding venue others may notice the coincidental placement next to Bristol’s registry office.

Kevin the Bartender lured us in with 25% off cocktails, as we drifted past and well.. thank you Kevin!

The decor is welcoming and exciting, reminding me a little of the former Goldbrick House on Park Street.

The cocktails are delicious, albeit a little on the expensive side ranging from £9 to £11.50, I can vouch for the Sparkling Goose for a hint of luxury.

So if you do nothing else, just stick your head in and stand in awe of the main hall available for weddings and private functions.

Now I can’t wait to go back and try out the spa and dine in The Jetty.

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