The Krakow milk bar you HAVE to visit

No I’m not suggesting you go milk sampling in the centre of Krakow, but rather taste some of ‘Grandmas’ delicious homemade dumplings at U Babci Maliny – a traditional polish canteen.

Those keen eyed travellers who spot the small sign down Sławkowska street will wander through a strange building wondering how there could possibly be a hidden canteen here, and then soon be directed to the not-so-secret basement traditional milk bar.

You’ll be welcomed into a homely wooden ‘house’ complete with a bed and trestle tables, resembling that of the Polish Grandma you never had. Grab a menu, grab a seat and choose from all the deliciousness.

As this is a self-service canteen, because you can’t expect Grandma to do it all right? You’ll need to place your order at the bar and in return will be given a number on your receipt, the number will appear on the wall once ready and your deliciousness will be placed on the side for your collection. Once finished, you’re expected to place all your dirty plates and glasses at a window at the back.

This is the best way to kick it back with a beer and pierogi, whilst immersing yourself in Polish culture.

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