Meet the Maker

I don’t have an inspiring tale of why I started this blog, and I’m not a digital nomad who coasts from country to country. I rent a flat in Bristol with my partner, and the fact is – I’d rather spend money on travelling than get a property that I’m not even sure I want!

(That’s not to say I don’t want one, I am saving alongside my travels to meet this eventuality – I just don’t need it right now.)

I have a promising career in Marketing that I’m not ready to trade in yet because if I’m being completely honest I’m not sure travelling full-time really fits the lifestyle I want for myself.

The icing on the cake is that I’m unmarried despite being in a long-term relationship, and so ensues the longing questions from family members about when I’m going to settle down… blah! blah! blah!

But despite sounding like a complete and utter loser, there is a point to this.

So who is this blog for?

Digital nomadery seems to be gaining momentum, and it seems like unless you’ve managed to sustain a suitcase-lifestyle – you haven’t made it. So I started to think, what about those of us who love to travel, but equally love having a fixed location? I can’t be the only aspiring home bird travel-blogger?

So while on the surface The Millennial Runaway appears as not-another-travel-blog, my underlying objectives delves a little deeper than that. My mission here is to encourage young professionals to stick the middle finger up to societal pressures and travel by whatever means necessary.

I hope that in recounting my experiences I will encourage others who work full-time to travel, and not be overcome with social pressures and media trends.


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