The Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam

I'm here to impart the wisdom of the best places to eat in Amsterdam. When you think of Amsterdam, you probably think of canals, bicycles and a certain psychoactive plant, but you may be surprised to know that Amsterdam is also a foodie hot spot.

Now I won't lie to you, some of these were chosen purely for their pink aesthetic, but the food did turn out to be pretty great too. Read on for rainbow smoothie bowls, dutch specialties and chocolate covered strawberries!


Pluk Amsterdam

Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam / Berenstraat 19, 1016 GG Amsterdam

With two locations, Pluk Amsterdam doubles as an interior shop and an eatery. Why it's one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam is it's infamous Unicorn bowl and seasonal coffee cups.

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Pluk Amsterdam Unicorn Smoothie Bowl
Pluk Amsterdam Coffee

Rainbowls Amsterdam

Frans Halsstraat 40, 1072 BS Amsterdam

I personally didn't eat here so I can't vouch for its quality, it was on our list but we just ran out of time but Glowcation have written a great article on their experience.

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Mama Kelly

Olympisch Stadion 35, 1076 DE Amsterdam

I was so excited about visiting Mama Kelly, let me tell you I was in PINK heaven! Truly one for the girls, and definitely the perfect spot for a hen do or girls weekend, Mama Kelly is armed with pink everything, gold garnishes, neon signs and telephone props (near the loos). Catering to a very obvious feminine audience, the prices are a little higher than you'd expect elsewhere, but I couldn't fault the food or the cocktails. It's located within the Olympic Stadium.

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Mama Kelly Amsterdam Interior Sign
Mama Kelly Amsterdam Interior Sign
Mama Kelly Amsterdam Interior

Blue Amsterdam

Winkelcentrum Kalverpassage, Singel 457, 1012 WP Amsterdam - walk through through the Kalverpassage shopping centre and take the lift to the top floor.

During our visit to Blue Amsterdam the kitchens were unfortunately closed for some reason, they didn't really explain why. We did enjoy a coffee and a croissant, but the service was quite indifferent here whether that's due to the situation or not, which is a real shame since it was one of the places I was most looking forward to visiting. That said, its glass fronted panels do offer panoramic views of Central Amsterdam so whether you fancy a coffee, a quick sweet treat or a light meal it's somewhere a little special.#

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Blue Amsterdam Rooftop Panoramic Views

Blond Amsterdam

Ferdinand Bolstraat 44, 1072 LL Amsterdam

Another pink haven and dual store and cafe, Blond Amsterdam is all pink everything known for its pink velvet cake and pink hot tub - a ruby chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and cookies! We ran out of time to eat here to, but by jove we'll be going back!

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Quick Snacks


Various locations

Some may call this a novelty but I thoroughly enjoyed both the process and the food itself - once I worked out how it worked of course. Dotted around the centre of Amsterdam are these automated  fast food 'restaurants' called FEBO. They're most famous for their croquette made from ragout.

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Amsterdam FEBO Machine
Amsterdam FEBO Food
Amsterdam FEBO Food

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx

Voetboogstraat 33, 1012 XK Amsterdamm

Said to be one of the best fries in Amsterdam, confirmed by our walking tour guide, Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx is a small hatch marked by its red and white awning. Serving up Belgian style fries for over 60 years, it's popular for its 25 different types of sauce in a paper cornet - Andalusian, Curry or even Hawaiian! Prices start from €2.30 for a small fries without sauce.

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Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx



Rozengracht 251, 1016 SX Amsterdam

We didn't eat here because we were informed about it on our last day by our walking your guide, but it's said to be one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam . Translating to Mothers, this quirky little restaurant serves dutch classics.

Top tip: Friday is the most popular day to dine out in Amsterdam and you'll likely need to book a few months in advance.

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Sweet Treats

Van Wonderen Stroopwafel

I couldn't write about the best places to eat in Amsterdam without mentioning the renowned stroopwafel. A true dutch specialty they're available all over the city, but for something a little bit fancy head to van Wonderen Stroopwafels. There are four branches in Amsterdam, each with an ornate exterior in blue and gold and yes this luxurious theme does come through to the price tag.

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van Wonderen Stroopwafel
van Wonderen Stroopwafel


Prinsengracht 232 H, 1016 HE Amsterdam

Polaberry is one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam for its floral wall, pink interiors and Belgian chocolate covered strawberries. While the strawberries are delectable, don't miss the seasonally decorated cakesicles and chocolate covered Amsterdam houses. Stop and say Hi to Anna from The Constant Travellers who works there!

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Polaberry Strawberries
Polaberry Chocolate House
Polaberry Flower Wall
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