A Guide to Canggu, Bali

Canggu has become somewhat of a surfing hot spot in Bali but is still well worth a visit for its care-free, bohemian vibe. Canggu was the first stop for our 16-day Bali itinerary straight from the airport, we spent our first 2 nights here but would have happily spent longer.

Watch my day 1 and day 2 vlogs in Canggu on Tik Tok.

Getting to Canggu

Our accommodation in Canggu offered us transfers of 300,000 IDR (Approx £15) which was approximately £7.50 per person between two of us which after an 18-hour trip was a godsend, knowing someone would be waiting for us and not having to navigate taxis and such. We paid in cash directly to the driver Akiong who we used again later in the trip, message me directly on Instagram if you’d like his details.

Canggu Accommodation

We stayed at The Bed By The Sea which cost £48.50 per person for two nights between two of us, we used www.booking.com. The venue included a small pool and the rooms were fully air-conditioned with drinking water provided. The bathroom was outdoor with some shelter with towels, shampoo and shower gel included. It was only five minutes walk to Echo Beach and easily accessible to other parts of Canggu by taxi or moped. The staff were incredibly helpful, breakfast was included that you chose the day before and you could order food and massages directly to the hotel if you wished.

The Bed By The Sea, Canggu

Pool at The Bed By The Sea, Canggu


Copenhagen has become a fast favourite in Canggu thanks to its build-your-own breakfast boards. You can choose from three or five pieces, ranging from bakery, eggs, dairy, protein, fruits and greens. I went for the three pieces with a drink that cost only £6.16 and was able to pay using my Revolut card.

A gojek taxi (car) took 13 minutes from the accommodation costing approx. £1.06 each. When we arrived at around 10:30 am there was a short queue, but we only waited 10 minutes before a table became available.

Copenhagen Canggu Breakfast Board

Echo Beach

Echo Beach is a black sand beach said to be one of the best surfing spots in Bali, it was only five-minutes walk from our accommodation and even as non-surfers we could appreciate the tide. It’s on this beach that you’ll find La Brisa Beach Club, but there are many other beach-front bean bags to occupy for happy hour as you witness the setting sun.

Echo Beach in Canggu

Echo Beach

Sunday Market La Brisa Beach Club

As mentioned, La Brisa Beach Club is a popular luxury spot on Echo Beach but every Sunday it hosts a farmers market of sorts from 10:00 – 16:00 selling organic produce, natural skincare and an assortment of clothing, food and local wares. Due to its upmarket location, this is not the place for bargaining and you will notice the pricing will be higher. If you’re looking for reasonable souvenirs, this is not the place, but it was still great to have a browse since it’s free to visit. Bring cash.

Sunday Market at La Brisa Beach Club

Sunday Market at La Brisa Beach Club

Canggu Love Anchor Market

Now this is the place to get your bargaining hat on for those much-loved souvenirs, Love Anchor Market is a small bazaar of trinkets, jewellery, textiles and much more. It’s typical for vendors to jump to attention as you browse their wares so don’t be put off by their insistent invitations to look around. If you’re new to market haggling, I find it helps to have a price in mind that you’d be happy to pay in your own currency – remember it’s Bali so it should be cheaper than what you’d pay in the UK (within reason, be fair!) – then use a currency converter app to work out what it is in Indonesian Rupiah and get haggling. Start low and negotiate up, but be prepared to walk away as they may be more receptive to your offer.

I picked up a lovely embroidered cushion cover for around 200,000 IDR which came to around £10, to be honest I think that was likely far too much but I was happy with it and I was just getting started. I would note that prices in Canggu were much cheaper than in Seminyak, and generally preferred the items on sale in Canggu and Ubud more than in Seminyak.

You’ll need to use cash here.

Love Anchor Market in Canggu, Bali

Love Anchor Market

Finns Beach Club 

With 4 pools, 9 bars, 2 swim-up bars, 7 kitchens, 3 party restaurants, and live DJs across the 170m beachfront venue, it’s easy to see why Finn’s Beach Club is one of the most famous beach clubs in Bali – even claiming to be the best beach club in the world.

Around 3 months before our trip, we pre-booked two single party beds for £51.28 each in the Finns Beach Party area. The price included the use of the lounger, a welcome cocktail, table service, and the use of a towel. With our booking we had to arrive before 2 pm, so we arrived by the skin of our teeth to which there was a queue. Once checked in we were shown to our beds, but there were walk-ins available.

Like most beach clubs in Bali, there is a minimum spend of IDR 950,000 per person (approximately £48.12) so the booking cost is essentially redeemed against food and drinks – it’s not an additional cost – however they do add on tax and service charge so be prepared for that, our additional cost only came to £7.50 each with a bit of overspend which we paid using our Revolut card.

Watch my vlog on our time at Finns Beach Club here.

Finns Beach Club

Finns Beach Club

Our next stop was Ubud.

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