How to Stargaze in Bristol without Going Outside – the UK’s Only Planetarium

While I can’t call myself an astronomer, and my imagination doesn’t stretch far enough to work out the constellations, I have New York’s Natural History Museum – more specifically their Planetarium – for my obsession with the night sky.

So when I learned that not only did the UK have its own planetarium, but that it was located in Bristol’s Millennium Square, I knew I had to visit.

Chances are, you’ve walked past the huge silver ball a few times, probably even taken a selfie in its reflective surface, but never really given much thought to what it is? I’m here to inform you that it is in fact the UK’s only Planetarium!

Planetarium owners We the Curious – formerly @ Bristol – just took stargazing to Millennial heights. Because where else in the UK can you kick back with a beer and gaze at our universe without fear of being rained on or shat on by a bird?

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Electronic sign leading the way for ticket holders


What are Planetarium Nights?

In short, a Planetarium is ‘a domed building in which images of stars, planets, and constellations are projected for public entertainment or education’ – that’s Google’s definition so it must be correct.

Add some comfortable seating, 3D glasses and a bar – and you have Planetarium Nights.

In 45 minutes, a presenter will take you through the night sky to discover Jupiter, its moons and the constellations. Data from NASA (and other space institutions) will help you uncover the stars in the sky, and delve in the future 1 million years from now.

The 3D session is both enjoyable and informative – and there’s something to be said about seeing the Earth inches from your face.

Constellations in the night sky at We The Curious Planetarium

Pointing out the constellations visible in Spring from Bristol

How to get tickets

These evening explorations take place at 20:15 on Thursday evenings, but there’s only three events remaining – 26th April, 3rd May, with the final session on 10th May – so you better be quick! This is a 16+ Event and tickets costs £8.50, or £7.50 for a concession, available online.

The opening screen at Bristol's Planetarium

The opening screen at Bristol’s Planetarium

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