Planning the Ultimate Alternative Getaway

When we think of holidays, the majority of us will think of sunny getaways where we can lie about on sun loungers in all-inclusive resorts, sip on cocktails, get involved in a few fun activities, head to the local beach, shop some local stalls and maybe go on a day trip or excursion. The more adventurous amongst us might think of world travel, getting immersed in local culture, seeing world-renowned sites and stopping in hostels to get by. But these aren’t the only options and you really don’t have to swing between these two different extremes. Instead, why not consider some of these alternative breaks?


Camping isn’t just for kids, scouts and girl guides. Instead, it can be a great way for you to escape the constant hustle and bustle of the city and to spend some much needed time in nature. Planning a camping trip can be pretty basic, but for many of us it’ll be a learning curve, sheerly out of lack of experience.

The key to an enjoyable trip is to choose a nice location. You have two options. You can choose a campsite, where you’ll have some home comforts like electricity, showers and toilets. Alternatively, you can camp in approved outdoor spaces for more of an experience of proper wilderness.

Next, you need to figure out how to pitch your tent. This will be your home for your stay, so take care. You don’t want to miss parts and end up with leaks or drafts. Follow the instructions and make sure you have all parts before you even head away for your trip. Mallets and spare tent pegs can come in really useful! Once you’re all set, you can truly enjoy a great combination of excitement, adventure, and relaxation! Sleep beneath the stars, take in nature and enjoy yourself!

Mountainside Retreats

People tend to only stay up mountains when they’re planning a ski break. But have you ever considered just hiring out a chalet or cabin and spending some time up and out of the way in peace? There are so many stunning options out there. Just take chalet neve as an example. Usually these types of accommodation are quite large, but this can make for the perfect calm and collected gathering where you can catch up with a few of your nearest and dearest in stunning settings!

So, round up the troops and get booked up! You can lounge in a hot tub on the balcony overlooking the beautiful scenery. You can cuddle up with a book or a drink in front of the fire. You can take to the kitchen to learn some new dishes. This really is the perfect relaxation retreat!

Wildlife Encounters

Many of us want to travel to see animals that we’re not used to. Now, this is understandable. There are so many beautiful creatures out there. But it’s absolutely essential that if you want to see them, you see them safely in their natural habitats. Zoos, aquariums and other tourist attractions, like Tiger Temples, are cruel. Most animals are not tame and are either beaten or drugged to act in such a manner. Don’t harm them and don’t risk yourself and your own safety and wellbeing – steer well clear of these kinds of encounters. Some great ideas that don’t cause harm include:

  • Swimming (with supervision) in areas where dolphins are known to spend time. Sticking to recommended areas can keep you safe from creatures such as sharks.
  • Go on an African safari where you can see a whole host of stunning animals in their natural habitat.
    Snorkelling and diving provide the perfect opportunity to see some beautiful marine life. Snorkelling and diving hotspots will allow you to see turtles, a whole host of fish, corals, and maybe even seals – depending, of course, on where you decide to visit.
  • Want to see whales but aren’t willing to endorse Seaworld and other similar attractions? Why not see whales in their natural habitats? Many countries offer whale watching tours. Just make sure to take a pair of binoculars along with you and ensure you’re wearing comfortable and warm clothing that can take a splash!

These, of course, are just a few different options you might want to consider when planning an alternative break. Sure, beach holidays can be great! They give you an opportunity to let your hair down and unwind. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, it’s good to be aware of some of the other options out there!

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