5 Items I Wish I’d Packed for Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam

While city-living is great, getting off the beaten track is unavoidable if you really want to experience a new place in its entirety- and trekking is a great way to do it. During my time in Vietnam, I booked this trip to Sapa that included trekking through rice paddies and a village homestay. While this was one of the highlights of my two weeks in Vietnam, it soon became apparent how unprepared I was for the tropical trekking, as I slid around in my £5 Primark trainers…

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Mosquito Net

My oh my how naive I was to think my maximum strength jungle fever bug spray would be enough to save me from these little vampires. In fact, I got bitten more in Ho Chi Minh than I did trekking through Sapa villages! The first thing I did when I returned from Vietnam was to order this mosquito net and I highly recommend that you’ll need this more than you know. There is also the option for just a head net – also tempting – but don’t forget the bug spray as well.

Trekking in Sapa - The Homestay

Our Sapa Home Stay

Travellers Sleeping Bag

Scoping out our sleeping arrangements, looks can definitely be deceiving as the little sponge ‘mattress’ and blankets were really quite comfortable. That said, the spider lurking on the wall made me incredibly envious of Rob and Ciara who had packed these Traveler Sleeping Bags and had an extra level of protection from whatever creepy crawlies were a little curious in the night. Going forward, I will be taking these with me everywhere I go – especially since they fold up really small.

Trekking in Sapa

Sapa Homestay Sleeping Arrangements

Head Torch

While I was amazed at the scope of WiFi availability not just in the remote areas of Sapa, but throughout Vietnam, it isn’t uncommon to experience power outages. When you’re lying on the floor with nine others, it’s a little cruel to turn on the light and wake up your fellow trekkers, so be sure to invest in a head light – you never know when you might need it – especially if the power is off during night time.

Trekking in Sapa

Sapa, Vietnam

Travel Towel

Eternally grateful for receiving a Hammam Sheet prior to my travels, this handy little thing was both a blanket and a towel. The producers claim many other uses but as far as travelling is concerned it was a life saver! In future, I do think I will invest in a ‘proper’ travel towel so that I can keep my Hammam Sheet as a cosy little blanket.

Trekking in Sapa

Sapa, Vietnam

Power Bank

This isn’t just a must for when you’re off the beaten track, but in all aspects of travelling. Especially if you’re taking overnight trains or sleeper buses, or in case your charger stops working. I highly recommend this portable charger – and next time I won’t be so keen to gift mine to a taxi driver…

Trekking in Sapa

Sapa, Vietnam

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