Should You Stay at Venice Backpackers Hostel?

As Italy was going to be my first solo trip, it made sense to frequent hostels rather than a hotel room – as tempting as a double bed to myself would be! My research turned up Venice Backpackers House as a cheap Venice hostel – and the reviews seemed fairly ok!

When I first arrived at Venice Backpackers Hostel I was scared out of my wits! I’d created this notion in my head that hostels would be crawling with cockroaches and I’d need to sleep with one eye open.

This wasn’t helped by the entrance looking more than a little suspicious, down what I thought was a shady alley but turns out all of Venice has shady alleys! If the plaque wasn’t on the door, I’d have been walking in circles trying to find it.

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Venice Hostel - Venice Backpackers House Entrance Door

Backpackers House – Venice Hostel

The hostel is located in Dorsoduro, and within hands reach you’ll find pizza places and bars. Venice is a walking city, and the hostel is nicely located 8 minutes walk from Piazzale Roma (bus station) and easy walking distance to the city’s sights.

Needless to say, I had over exaggerated a little. Not only is Venice one of the safest cities in the world, the host was also very welcoming and polite.

The host lives in the building also, but manages properties elsewhere, so if there is no one available when you ring the reception bell, just give the number a call that’ll be shown on the front.

When checking in, you’ll be asked to pay city tax – I didn’t know this is what I was paying until I got to the Florence hostel and all became clear – so yes I did just hand over 7 euros without knowing why. Don’t judge.

The Sleeping Quarters for this Venice Hostel

The hostel is essentially an apartment with 3 rooms and a bathroom – one of the rooms is the hosts living space, and the other two guest rooms.

The largest room has four single beds, each with a lockable bedside drawer. This isn’t big enough to fit a small suitcase so I’d recommend bringing a small suitcase lock, I left mine under my bed and it was perfectly fine.

Venice Hostel - Venice Backpackers House Main Guest Room

Backpackers House Venice

The bathroom is shared but it’s a decent size, it was clean and the shower was fine. There are some shower gel sachets above the sink if you’ve forgotten, and a small towel is available on your bed. I did have a cold shower one day when a few of us had gotten up at the same time!

If you’re in the largest room on the first floor (pictured above), I’d recommend heading for the bed at the end against the wall – not only will you remain interrupted from people coming in and out of the door – but there is a plug on the wall behind your bed. Other than this socket, the only other I could see was by the sink on the other side of the room!

Besides my failed attempt at makeshift tissue ear plugs to block out the sounds of snoring, I had a pleasant stay here and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a budget option in Venice.

Also, the WiFi was good.

Edit: I have reason to believe that there are more rooms on the second floor, but I only saw the rooms on the first floor.

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