The Best Belfast Restaurants for Gluten Free

For me, Belfast was a girly retreat and a chance to eat without guilt and drink like the Irish. But for my friend, suffering with severe IBS and in the process of a low FODMAP diet, the weekend was going to be worrisome. But her fears wilted when she learned of our dining arrangements, at four specially selected and highly reviewed Belfast restaurants offering gluten-free options in the city.

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From the outside Home looks like another Swedish home store with its copper shelving stacked with olive oil and tea, but walk inside and you’re transported to a friend’s living room. Highly rated as a Belfast restaurant online,  Home’s Gluten Free menu made my very tense friend sigh with relief at the variety of food on offer. Spoilt for choice with burgers, lobster and pasta – it was the Roast Perisian Chicken that made for a pleasurable dining experience.


Another of the great Belfast restaurants, Kitch doesn’t offer a Gluten-Free menu per se but they will adapt items on the menu to suit allergies. The staff here were incredibly helpful and didn’t make any fuss about making further adaptions to my friend’s meal. Opting for Hake, the kitchen rested this on a bed of plain mash with a cream sauce – no garlic! A second server even came over to check our order so that he could be extra sure the kitchen had received the special instructions. They really put my friend at ease and offered encouragement for her to continue dining out when she returned home.

Harlem Cafe

Our favourite Belfast restaurants! With the walls adorning colourful artwork, silver candlesticks gracing the table tops and pumpkins watching over their guests, the atmosphere in the Harlem Cafe was second to none. With an air of steampunk and a splash of Adam’s Family – Harlem Cafe offered a relaxed vibe within a haunted setting.

Breakfast at Harlem Cafe

Harlem’s Poached Eggs and Sausage on Sourdough Toast


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