What Not To Miss in Salzburg

Forget singing in the hills, here are five things to do in Salzburg that you shouldn’t miss during your visit. First things first, get yourself a Salzburg Card because many of the things to do in Salzburg are free of charge with the card – I saved over 100 euros with mine!

These aren’t the only things to do in Salzburg, but they were the absolute highlights of my weekend trip.

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Indulge in Sacher Cafe’s Sacher Torte

The Sacher Torte is allegedly the world’s most famous chocolate cake. Its secret recipe has remained a well-kept secret since 1832, when it was invented by Austrian Franz Sacher for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria.  While it was created in Vienna, you can still get your hands on a slice of the Original Sacher-Torte in Salzburg’s Café Sacher.

Costing €7.10 a slice, I paired mine with a Kafe Verkehrt (1/3 black coffee, 2/3 hot milk – basically a latte) which cost €4.70.

The Original Sacher Torte in Salzburg's Sacher Cafe

The Original Sacher Torte

St. Peter’s Monastery & Cemetery & Catacombs

Known to many as a filming location in the Sound of Music, this 7th-century gem is one of the world’s most beautiful and oldest cemeteries. Amongst the gravestones and burial vaults, you’ll find famous personalities, artists, scholars and merchants including Nannerl, Mozart’s sister.

The catacombs are not to be missed during your visit to the cemetery.  These mystical caves are hewn out of the Mönchsberg itself, serving as hermitages and burial sites dating back to late antiquity. Entrance is free with the Salzburg Card.

St Peter's Crypts in Salzburg

St Peter’s Crypts

St Peter's Cemetery and Crypts in Salzburg

St Peter’s Cemetery and Crypts

Grab a Coffee at Café Tomaselli

Founded in 1700,  Café Tomaselli has been run by the Tomaselli family for over 150 years. It was a favourite spot for the famous composer Mozart who is well established throughout the city – and it’s easy to see why. The terrace offers a delightful spot for a coffee.

Cafe Tomaselli Terrace in Salzburg

Cafe Tomaselli Terrace

Ride the Mönchsberg Lift and Dine at M32

M32 is a contemporary restaurant, sitting atop the Mönchsberg offering the best in Austrian cuisine. While I found the staff to be a little rude, there’s no denying the excitement at taking breakfast above the rooftops. The use of the lift is free with the Salzburg Card.

Breakfast Views at M32

Breakfast Views at M32

Breakfast at M32

Breakfast at M32

Ride the Untersberg Cable Car

This was hands down my best experience in Salzburg, and the best viewpoint of the city.

It’s a short bus ride away that’s included in your Salzburg card and really easy to get to. To get there, catch the OBUS #25 from Makartplatz to Grödig Untersbergbahn.

The Untersberg Cable Car is also included in your Salzburg Card, your card is your ticket so there’s no need to queue on arrival. My card actually expired whilst we were on the mountain, but this didn’t matter.

Untersberg in Salzburg


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