Going on Holiday Alone: How to Survive your First solo trip

So you’re going on holiday alone huh? Or you’re thinking about it… well I, a quarter-centurion+1, recently took my first solo trip and I’m here to pass on some words of wisdom.

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Make Your Safety a Priority

Safety is most likely going to be your primary concern when going on holiday alone. Before any trip I take, alone or with friends, I have some crucial pre-travel steps to protect me should I run into any trouble. This is especially worthwhile if you’re going on holiday alone, to put not only your mind  at ease – but your parents too!

Create a Private Facebook Group

I have a private Facebook group of my emergency contacts (Parents, Employer, Boyfriend etc) who gets bombarded with information prior to a trip as I share itineraries, accommodation and flight details, reservations and anything else they need to know.

Take a copy of your passport

I have a photocopy of my passport available on my Google Drive so i’m able to access it anywhere with internet connection, I also carry a photocopy and ensure my emergency contacts all have a copy too.

Take a list of emergency contacts

Before every trip, I research the contact numbers and addresses for the British Embassy, the airlines, my bank, my mobile provider, my parents, my accommodation and most importantly the emergency lines for the country I’m in. I have this printed, and available on Google Drive.

Have some back up funds

Going on holiday alone definitely carries its risks, so it’s good to have all bases covered. Such as what would you do if you ran out of money or if you’re card got blocked? When I visited Italy during my solo trip, my bank card was cut off due to fraudulent activity. Luckily I had my Revolut card as back up.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

I accepted that there were things that would happen out of my control, and things that would ultimately be my mistake. And I was right, I went to the wrong train station in Florence and had to buy a new ticket to Rome as I wouldn’t have made it in time. I didn’t care though (after about five minutes), because these things happen.

Don’t shy away from elaborate dining experience

Despite having spent two months on the other side of the world, travelled most of Europe and toured the West Coast of USA with a bunch of strangers – eating alone in a restaurant terrified me more than anything.

But rather than shying away, I booked a table in Venice’s eldest – and probably fanciest – restaurant on the island. At first I felt like everyone was looking at the weird girl eating alone. But then, I stop caring. I embraced it and I felt FIERCE!

I ended up having one of the best meals in Venice, and I even thanked the waiters who unknowingly helped me dissolve my fears by just treating me like a normal person.

Take some earplugs!

As I was going on holiday alone, it seemed a little unnecessary to pay extortionate hotel prices for just one person. So I got over my snobbery and booked my place in hostels. That in itself was an achievement cause, I don’t do hostels. And while I now realise even MORE SO that I don’t do hostels, It’s likely I’d do it again if I do another solo trip – cause I ain’t rich.

The reason I don’t do hostels, isn’t the sharing a room thing. Nor is it sharing a bathroom. It’s the GOD DAMN SNORING! So word to the wise, take some ear plugs cause you’re going to need them.

But first, let me take a selfie

Why miss out on instagram-worthy photos just because you’re alone? Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take your picture because the chances are you’ll never see them again. But if you’re not quite brave enough for that, the iPhone comes with a self-timer.

This was my first attempt at a self-timer photo in Burano.

Burano Coloured Houses

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