How to spend half a day in Burano

While there’s plenty to do in Venice, a half day to Burano is a definite must-do – especially for some Insta-worthy shots. You shouldn’t need more than a few hours there as it’s a relatively small island, and while I didn’t, there’s always the option to stop by Murano too.

I didn’t do much research beforehand so I was a little unaware of what to see and do in Burano besides its coloured houses, so I frantically searched ‘what to do in Burano’ whilst on the ferry. To make sure you’re a little more prepared than I was, I hope this article gives you an idea of what to see, eat and buy during your visit.

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What to See in Burano

I’d be lying if I said I’d visited all of the things I’m about to tell you about, the truth is I did not. I actually just wondered aimlessly around the island, getting temporarily lost in little alleys. While this was lovely, if I went back again I’d like to have some sort of idea of what to do.

Piazza Galuppi

The Piazza Galuppi is the main square in Burano where the majority of shops and restaurants are located. It isn’t particularly big so take your time browsing.

Lace Making Demonstration

A number of the lace shops were advertising lace demonstrations in-store. Most of the products are made within the shop, so it’s not surprising that you can see women in the back with her sewing needle. I really wish I’d had the guts to walk in and watch – I hope you do!

The Lace Museum

But if you’re not feeling brave, then there’s always the lace museum.

Bepi’s House

Bepi’s House is the most colourful home on Burano Island, as you can see below. It’s hidden through a  little side alley off the Piazza Galuppi, so you may need to Google Map it’s location.

Bepi's House in Burano, Venice

Bepi’s House in Burano, Venice

The Coloured Houses – obviously

You’ll find the coloured houses in abundance, so don’t be afraid to duck and dive through alleys and really take time to explore the island. If you get lost, just follow the water and eventually you’ll come back to the ferry stop – or somewhere you recognise.

Alleys in Burano Venice

Alleys in Burano Venice

This is just a snapshot of the parts of Burano I enjoyed the most or are worth seeing, there’s more to do which you can read about in this article that I found to be really useful.

What to eat in Burano

The “Bussolà” is a round cookie typical of Burano, there’s a number of bakeries along the way where you can pick up a bag.

If you’re stopping for lunch, the typical Burano risotto is the risotto de gò – made with the fish Gò (goby fish).

What to buy in Burano

Well, lace. But watch out, Burano hasn’t escaped the clutches of Chinese counterfeits. These are the recommended stores on the island where you’ll know you’re buying the true lace of the island.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite part of Burano is?

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