How to Visit Burano from Venice

So you want to visit Burano? Well you’ll be glad to know that getting to Burano from Venice is really simple, it’s as easy a 1, 2, 3.

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1 Purchase your ticket

I walked to Fondamente Nove (F.te Nove) and located the ACTV ticket office. I bought an ACTV one day ticket for €20 (£17.73) from the ticket office, and then there was an LED board that told me line 12 would depart from Zone A , so off I went to zone A.

Burano ACTV Ticket Point Fondamente Nove

ACTV Ticket Point Fondamente Nove (Image source:

Burano Ferry Stop

ACTV Line 12 Ferry Stop

2. Validate your ticket

Before walking on to the platform, you’ll need to validate your ticket in the machine pictured below – you just need to scan it by holding it against the machine. This is a really important part – in fact over Europe it’s important you validate all tickets or you’ll be fined. I learnt this lesson the hard way in Budapest – but thankfully talked my way out of the fine!

Burano Ticket Validation

Where to validate your ticket

3. Board the Ferry

The Line 12 is bound for P. Sabbioni stopping at Murano, Burano before onwards to its final few destinations. You can see the Line 12 timetable here but be sure to check on the day just to be sure. On my visit Burano, I took the 09:40 ferry that arrived into Burano at 10:22.  Despite what the timetable says, there was another stop between Murano and Burano, so be sure to check you’re at the correct stop before departing the ferry.

And that’s it! So now you know how to get there, check out what to do during your visit.

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