Where to Find Mickey Mouse Shaped Food at Disneyland Paris

You know how they say when in Rome? Well, when in Disney if the food isn’t shaped like Mickey Mouse then I don’t want it! Here’s where to find the iconic shaped foods in Disneyland Paris.

This article was written in 2019 so it’s likely the options in this article may have changed.

Mickey Mouse Meringues, Cookies, and Marshmallows

Boardwalk Candy Palace, Disneyland Park

Boardwalk Candy Palace is where you’ll find the majority of Mickey-shaped delights– and behind the counter, you’ll find marshmallows, cookies, and meringues bearing the iconic shape.

Mickey Mouse shaped Marshmallow from Disneyland Paris

Mickey Mouse shaped Marshmallow

Mickey Mouse Patisseries

Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant (I think), Disneyland Park

While I didn’t eat here, I was tempted by the trio of Mickey-shaped patisseries that were advertised on the lamppost outside. This is also the place to try the milkshake with a chocolate Mickey Mouse face, and allegedly a salted Mickey Waffle served with smoked salmon.

It wasn’t listed on the app, but you’ll find it next to the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour.

Photo credit: @queenlili28o7

Mickey-Shaped Patisseries by @queenlili28o7

Character-Shaped Shortbread

By Crush’s Coaster, Walt Disney Studio Park

Between Crush’s Coaster and the entrance to Toy Story Playland is another refreshment hatch that sells shortbread in the shape of Forkie, Bo Peep, Jessie, and Woodie and Candy Apples in the shape of Hamm and a Pixar Balloon. From 4.29€.

Bo Peep and Forkie Shortbread from Disneyland Paris

Bo Peep and Forkie Shortbread

Mickey Mouse Cupcake

Market House Deli, Disneyland Park

We stopped here for a quick coffee and notice these Mickey-shaped cupcakes topped with red icing – about 3.59 €

Mickey Cupcake from Market House Deli, Disneyland Paris

Mickey Cupcake from Market House Deli


The Old Mill, Disneyland Park

Between Le Pays des Contes de Fees and its a small world was a small refreshment hatch called The Old Mill where you’ll find a Mickey-shaped waffle.

Mickey Mouse shaped waffle at Disneyland Paris by laurens_latest

Mickey Mouse Waffle by @laurens_latest

Madeleine Cakes

Within the shop next to Lancelot’s Carousel you’ll find pre-packaged cakes on the counter similar to Madeleine cakes.

Double Mickey Mouse Cakes – and a Donut Cheesecake

Restaurant en Coulisse, Walt Disney Studio Park

If you’re conquering your quest for Mickey-shaped desserts, you’ll find a double Mickey cake option here – but the star of the show might just be the Donut Cheesecake – but this isn’t Mickey-shaped.

And Everything Else

I also read that Fantasia Gelati serve their gelato with a Mickey-printed ice cream wafer, and Café Fantasia also serves waffles – but these are secondary sources and not something I noticed myself. I’m sure there are many more hidden around on the menus that you’ll have fun discovering yourselves and hopefully others in the comments.


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