The Best Independent Coffee Shops in Gloucester, UK

This roundup of independent coffee shops in Gloucester might surprise you. Being a relatively small city and as someone who has spent most of her life in Gloucester, I can attest to the fact that Gloucester hasn’t ever really been somewhere you’d describe as a foodie paradise.

And while it has always had the usual chain fast-food joint and the odd foodie hot spot, the city has had somewhat of a reprise of late. I for one am so pleased to see independents thriving in this historical city, and as someone who dislikes coffee but loves the coffee shop culture here’s my roundup of the best independent coffee shops in Gloucester.

Now you’ll never have to question where you’re meeting your friends for a catch-up! And even better, most of these independent coffee shops in Gloucester are located in or around the city centre.

Hubble Bubble Coffee House

So close to Gloucester Cathedral you can smell the all-day brunch from the cloisters, well okay a slight exaggeration but this independent coffee shop in Gloucester is just a stone’s throw away from the historical centre. This family-run coffee house is a real gem with stuffed to the brim sarnies, american-style pancakes, dirty loaded fries, freakshakes and more!

A fabulously affordable luxury with everything under £10

Hubble Bubble Coffee House

Guru Coffee House

This independent coffee shop in Gloucester was a real surprise for me. On my walking route from home to the city centre, I must have passed Guru Coffee Huose a million times and never given it a second thought. That was until my friend (whose brother works in the salon next door) tipped me off about their protein pancakes.

With a low carb sections and health food bowls for the health conscious, Mini guru for the little ones and breakfasts, pancakes, waffles, sourdough paninis and more catering to almost every taste preference around. And of course vegan and vegetarian options are available.

Not one item on the menu exceeds £10.

Gloucester's Guru Coffee House

Gloucester’s Guru Coffee House Interior

Yanto’s Pancake House

Yeah, yeah, It’s a pancake house and not a coffee shop, I hear you. But we don’t just go to the coffee shop for caffeine, we go for the vibes right? And Yanto’s not only have a delicious variety of sweet and savoury pancakes on your choice of four styles, but they cater to vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diets. Plus, you can also grab a hot drink, cold drink, smoothie, milkshake or sundae.

If you’re a lone ranger looking for a place to work, Yanto’s do have a lovely window seating area with the usual bar stools perfect for people watching and keeping to yourself.

Yantos Pancake House in Gloucester

Gloucester Services

So technically this is a little further out of the city (between Jct 12 and 11A on the M5) but it is really worth a stop. I know friends who will happily while away an afternoon at Gloucester services as if it were your average cafe. But this services is anything but average, stocked with over 130 local producers, cooked meals and to-die for treats such as Chocolate Salted Caramel Muffins and twice-the-size chocolate hob nobs. Don’t forget to check out the farm shop!

coffee shops in Gloucester - Gloucester Services

Gloucester Services Farm Shop

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