Why Being Sent to Coventry is No Bad Thing

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to take a long weekend or you’re trying to do more trips in the UK for environmental reasons, chances are Coventry isn’t on the top of your list, but maybe it should be. Not only is Coventry set to be the City of Culture in 2021, but it is home to a vast array of attractions and things to do that make it the perfect place to spend some time. Not convinced? Keep reading…

The Coventry Canal Art Trail

If you’re a fan of the arts and a lover of the great British countryside, why not combine the two with Coventry’s Canal Art Trail. Located along a five-mile stretch of the canal is an extensive outdoor gallery featuring some pretty spectacular works of art from no less than 39 accomplished artists. As well as taking in the art, you get to see plenty of nature along the way too. There are lots of great pubs along the route, should you fancy stopping for a drink or two and you’re never too far away from a great Coventry Hotel when you want to take a load off. What more could you ask for? Art, activity, and amazing scenes.

2-Tone Village

The 2-Tone Village is a unique attraction celebrating the history of 2-Tone music and culture and the role that Coventry played in it, Home to an amazing, not to mention award-winning, 2-Tone Café and Caribbean Restaurant, as well as a 2-Tone Hall of Fame and memorabilia shop it’s a great place to spend a few hours, even if you don’t know much about 2-Tone at all – you’ll soon be won over.

Pixabay – CCO Licence

The Coventrian Narrow Boat

The Coventrian Narrow Boat is an amazing narrowboat owned by The Living Environment Trust who are on a mission to mix the natural and built environments seamlessly. Private individuals are able to hire the boat for cruises, parties and events, which means that you could have a ball on the local canals if you travel to Coventry with a couple of girlfriends! The boat is fully staffed by experienced individuals and best of all, all of the profits of towards The Living Canals Project, which aims to teach children more about the canal environment.

Allesley Park Walled Garden

Carrying on the nature theme, Allesley Park Walled Garden is a spectacular attraction. A recreation of a kitchen garden from the 18th Century, it looks and smells spectacular thanks to the many fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers planted there. If you need somewhere to retreat and relax for a while, this is where you need to be.

Coventry Godiva Festival

If festivals are your thing, you won’t want to miss Coventry Godiva Festival – a three-day affair held in the local War Memorial Park and named after, perhaps, Coventry’s most famous historical resident, none other than Lady Godiva herself! Fun, friendly and host to some of the best musical acts around, it’s a fantastic festival to attend, and should you rock up in Coventry when it’s happening, you’ll notice an extra special buzz in the air.

Coventry is really cool!

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