Travel with your Taste Buds at Cosmo Restaurant

2020 has been a rocky road to say the least with many disruptions to travel. So instead, I took safe passage and travelled through my taste buds to somewhere hot and exotic. At a time where I feel as indecisive as the weather, Bristol's COSMO restaurant is renowned for offering a fresh choice of food from all around the world, all under the same roof.

I was invited to try the Bristol COSMO restaurant following its refurbishment in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary fee in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: COSMO Restaurant in Bristol will be temporarily closed as of Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice, out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health and well-being of the community.

The Review

I took a step out of the uber, adjusting my step to accommodate my stiletto heel and climbed the short incline to the red beacon of indulgence.

A stoic ageing man, pinnacle in his navy tailored suit, greeted me with a smile – a maître d' is what we’ll call him. Rather fitting, since the restaurant takes its inspiration from the best five-star hotels in the world.

He was no Fred Sirieix, nor did he bear any resemblance to the First Dates host, but I’m glad to say my date was a bonny blue-eyed Bristolian I’d called my partner for some ten years.

We followed the beckoning hand, slid into the wooden chairs and became the poster kids for the restaurant - positioned in the window, bathed in the red neon light like two star crossed lovers – good thing I brushed my hair.

I bought the appetite of a panda in a bamboo forest, and my stomach was sure to let the nearby diners know it. Fortunately, we moved in haste and stepped inside the globe.

Austere copper lamps hung over each buffet dish striking a spotlight and each competing for their limelight, their sizzle like an allure and us common people unable to resist it’s pull!

I can only liken the buffet options to running across the globe and picking up the best bits from each country – at least as far as western tastes are concerned, and momentarily wondering how many spring rolls were too many spring rolls?

Edit: the limit does not exist.

A cronch of cucumber maki. The slurp of umami salted noodles. The citric tartness of the orange mocktail to cleanse the pallet.

To our right sat a family of four. Behind us another young couple. To our front a group of friends. To me, a comforting site of functioning society. It reinforced how versatile COSMO restaurants are, that  affordable fine dining brings people together – united in a love for food.

So whether it’s a first date, 100th date, Grandad’s 70th birthday or your best friend’s just been dumped – COSMO restaurants really has something for everyone, with enough luxury to feel like a true sybarite.

About COSMO Restaurants

COSMO Authentic World Kitchen is an all-you-can-eat buffet tempting diners with delicious live cooked Japanese teppanyaki to aromatic curries from South East Asia to seven different types of Chinese. Located on The Triangle, Bristol's COSMO restaurant has undergone enhancements that bring a renewed state of modern elegance and luxury. Its central location makes it easy to find, and a perfect place to enjoy affordable fine-dining before heading out for the evening.

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